17. Hello To My Listeners Around The World

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Here are some messages from me to you. This podcast is produced to help people to learn English as a foreign language. It is good listening practice and contains lessons on vocabulary and grammar for general English.

This episode is a chance for me to say hello to all my listeners around the world.

Every day, people from all over the world listen to and download my podcast. Some of them have been my students at The London School of English, but most of them, I have never met. In this podcast I’d like to say hello to you, and to answer some of the comments and questions you have emailed me. This is my chance to try and communicate to you, and ask you some questions.

Coming soon, podcasts about:

More Phrasal Verbs
Passive Verb Forms
British Weather
Narrative Tenses
Dr Who
…and many more!

Here’s a picture of my map which shows me where I am being downloaded each week. These are my downloads over the past 14 days:
Picture 3

4 responses to “17. Hello To My Listeners Around The World

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  2. I really like you. You born to be The real good English teacher I love most.

  3. I finally found the most brilliant podcast in the world.
    It is just amazing and interesting to learn English more.
    From Seoul.

  4. Guillermo Vite García

    Thanks a lot Luke. Your work is marvelous :D
    My another e-mail is: 9-de-agosto@hotmail.es

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