Episode 1 – Introduction

The very first episode of Luke’s English Podcast. Full transcript available below.

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Hello, and welcome to Luke’s English podcast – the podcast for learners of English. This is the very first podcast that I’ve done and it will be the first of many more podcasts that you will be able to download and listen to in the future, so because this is the first podcast, it’s a bit short, it’s shorter than the other ones will be and in this podcast basically I’m going to introduce myself to you so that you can get to know me a little bit and then I’m going to tell you about what is going to happen in other podcasts in the future.

Let’s see, first of all my name’s Luke – Luke Thompson. Now the name Luke can be a little bit difficult for learners of English to pronounce sometimes and I meet lots of people who can’t pronounce my name and they call me Look or maybe Luck, but it’s not Look or Luck, it’s Luke of course, and let’s see, I live in London. I work as an English teacher in an English language school in West London and I’ve been teaching English for about 8 years now. I first started teaching in Japan and I lived in Japan for two years in an area near Tokyo called Kanagawa Prefecture and I taught English there for two years and it was really great, I had a really good time. It was a very interesting experience for me and I’ve got lots of interesting stories to tell about my time in Japan. So, I taught there for two years and then I came back to London and I have been teaching English in London for about six years now. I’ve worked in a few different schools. I used to work in a school near Oxford Street and I worked in another school in Waterloo and now I work in a school which has two buildings, one in Holland park and the other one in Chiswick in West London and I enjoy my job very much because I get to meet lots of very interesting people, possibly people like you, people who need to learn English and they come to London. They come to my school, for example and it’s very interesting for me to meet these people from around the word and to introduce them to the English language and the English culture as well.

Let’s see, as well as being a teacher, an English teacher, I’m also interested in lots of other things. I love music, I’m a big music fan, for example I love the Beatles, of course, because I’m English and we all love the Beatles don’t we? So, I love the Beatles and I love lots of different kinds of music as well. I play music sometimes, I play the drums and I play the guitar. I’m not very good at the guitar to be honest I’m just trying to learn how to do that, but I’ve been playing drums for a long time now. I play in a band at the school and we play concerts sometimes and that’s really great fun. I’m also into lots of other things. I love movies and I like sport, like football of course, again because I’m English and we all love football, right? and I also like rock climbing too.

So, that’s just a little bit of information about me and, OK, now I’m also interested in you, and your opinions and your stories and your questions as well, so if you have any questions for me, if there are stories that you’d like to tell me, you can email me. Now at the end of each podcast I will actually ask you a question and I really want this to be an interactive podcast, which means that you can email me your answers to the question that I will ask you at the end of the podcast and it will be a chance for you to tell me what you think about some of the things that we’ll be talking about. So if you want to email me you can write to this address, its: Luketeacher@hotmail.com and I’ll be very glad to hear from you.

You’re still listening to Luke’s English Podcast. If you’d like some more information visit teacherluke.podomatic.com.

Now, let me tell you about the podcast. Now obviously this is the fist podcast so it’s slightly different from podcasts in the future, but really what is so fantastic about this podcast is that the whole thing will be real, natural British English so that means that if you are interested in having a good listening experience, practising your listening but also finding something that will be interesting and entertaining and fun then this is the podcast for you. Like I said, it will all be totally natural British English, so the sort of English that I speak with my friends for example, the kind of real English that people in Britain speak all the time. I record the podcast here in my apartment in London. At the moment I’m sitting on my sofa and it’s a Saturday morning. So I record the podcast at home in my free time and a typical podcast will have three parts: the first part will be a little bit of conversation with me. So I might talk about something that’s happening at the moment. So possibly a news story or what’s been going on recently and I will also answer your questions and I will read out your comments that you send to me via the email address that I read out earlier on.

That’s the first part, the second part of the podcast will be a feature. So that means that it will be probably an interview with someone, so I might interview one of my friends or interview a member of my family and so you’ll be able to listen to a natural conversation between native speakers for example. It will be like you are spending time with some native English speakers. I know it’s difficult to find native English speakers to meet and talk to but if you listen to this podcast you’ll be able to listen to me talking to some of my friends or family, so again, a really good chance for you to listen to natural British English being spoken. So, like I said, the second part will be a feature, maybe an interview with someone. I might for example go into London and interview people on the street or I’ll interview people I meet in the pub, for example and we’ll talk about lots of interesting topics.
Then the third part of the podcast I will look at some of the language that I’ve used in part one and part two and I’ll actually teach you some really useful vocabulary and really useful expressions, the kind of natural language that normal British people speak when they talk to each other.

So this podcast is a really good chance for you to try and push your level of English up and if you start using some of the vocabulary that you hear on this podcast you can really start to push your level up to an advanced level of English. Another good thing about the podcast is that you can download it from the internet. You can put it on to your ipod or your mp3 player and then you can listen to it anywhere you like, I mean, you can listen to this on the bus on the way to work, or on your way to school. You can listen to it maybe when you are in the gym doing your exercise. I mean you can listen to it anywhere you like, I mean, you can listen to it on the toilet for example or maybe when you’re having a bath! I suppose that might be a bit weird or a bit strange if you’re listening to me while you are having a bath or when you are on the toilet! but I mean I don’t really care, I don’t really care where you are or what you’re doing as long as you actually listening to the podcast, that’s the most important thing for me. Also you can listen to this anywhere in the world, so if you’ve come to London to study English – you might have been at my school, you might have been one of my students and if you come to London and then you go back to your country you can keep downloading and listening to this podcast from your country and it’s a really good chance to extend your British English learning experience. Now, there are lots of other podcasts that you can download from the internet, lots of learning English podcasts. If you go to iTunes, if you’ve got iTunes on your computer for example, if you go to the iTunes store and do a search for learning English podcasts you’ll find lots of different English language podcasts available, but in my opinion most of them are rubbish actually and I think that this will be probably better than all the others! Now I’m not being very modest there, but I think I’m just being confident, which is a good thing, but I’ve listened to a lot of other podcasts that you can find on the internet and first of all most of them seem to be American and they have American English – which is fine because American English is great and all that – but you might want to listen to British English, right? Or sort of London English which is what I can offer in this podcast. So also a lot of the podcasts that I’ve listened to seem to be very patronising, and by patronising I mean that they talk to you like you’re a bit stupid, or maybe like you’re a bit of a child so they might be something like:
“Welcome to the American English podcast from podcasts.com. Today’s podcast is about dogs. Dogs are a kind of pet that you keep in your home or in your house…”,
for example, right? Sort of, a bit slow, a bit boring and a bit patronising so I think that this podcast will be hopefully more interesting than that, not as patronising, not very boring hopefully, sort of natural and fun and you will actually want to listen to it for entertainment so it’s not like studying but more like just something that you listen to just because it’s interesting I hope so anyway.
So, I think that’s it really, that’s the end of this first podcast. Don’t forget to listen to the second one and the third one because they will be more interesting than this because they’ll be things like interviews with people and other stuff like that.

So, I’d like to end this podcast with a question which I would like you to answer through the email address and the question is: What would you like me to talk about? so what would you like to hear me talk about on this podcast? so send me a question. It could be a question about perhaps Britain or British culture or about London or it could be a question about English – if you’ve got a question about English vocabulary or grammar I’m happy to answer your questions on the podcast. So, that’s the first question: what would you like me to talk about? And that’s it, that’s the end of the podcast. Don’t forget you can email me at: Luketeacher@hotmail.com. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you in the future, so that’s it.. bye bye bye bye….

27 responses to “Episode 1 – Introduction

  1. Hi Luke, How are you doing? I hope you are doing. I used to browse on the internet to get comprehensive, entertaining, informative and educational English learning material. I was very delighted when I came across to your podcast on December 15, 2013. When I found the site you have released the 156th podcast. With in a month I have listened all your podcast. I could say your podcast is one of the best podcast ever produced and uploaded on the internet. Now, I am listening the podcast for the second time and I am on the 117th podcast. I am just addicted to it. Your podcast are not only a material to learn English. I think your podcast has various importance in addition to teaching English. I usually laugh when I listen your podcast because it is very funny. After listening all your podcast, my English has completely transformed. It is my first day when I comment and read on your site. I do not have enough time to read but I download and I listen the podcast while I am working, and when I am on the move. In the first day, when I was listening the 156th podcast, I thought it is very long podcast. Now, whatever long it is I am addicted to it.
    Luke, thank you very much for introducing yourself very briefly and clearly.
    I know you are crazy about the Beatles, football, music and rock climbing. I hope I will be on the podcast one day and I will tell my testimony.
    You are very special person. You are very attractive, brilliant and magnificent person. You have to be feel happy for all good work you have contributed for the English learners. You unimaginable sense of humor make people laugh all the time. Even the podcast influenced on my sense of humor and when tell some thing people start to laugh.The podcast transformed me from an ordinary person to a stand up comedian. To make long story short, I have to stop here because time is not enough to tell about you and even it will be to much for you to read my comment. Your sarcasm made me sarcastic.

    • Thanks for your comment and I’m so glad the podcast has had such a positive effect on you. Also, thank you so much for the really positive comments you made here. It means a lot to me.

  2. Thank you Luke. Your podcast is so helpful.

  3. that’s what i was looking for : real british english ! Thanks a lot LUke.

  4. Hi Luke I am quite happy to find your podcasts.

  5. Thanks a lot! It’s surely useful! My English can be improved.
    But one thing I really want to beg you is.. could you please upload this episode’s audio download link again? Because I can’t get this to be mine.

    Thanks by the way! :)

  6. Hi Luke! My name is Max! Your podcast is great! i learning english only your classes. Could you put on your web-site new episodes by Financial or Business themes?

  7. hi Luke! My name is Max! I adore listening you podcast. Could you post financial or business solutions in your podcast. It would be good)

  8. Comments archive for this episode on podomatic.com here:

    You’re going to learn some real British English, that’s what’s going to happen. (36 days ago)
    what is going to happen (37 days ago)
    my anme is arvind
    i m from india
    my writing (english sentence) are bad
    and speaking is also low
    please help me where i am started to learn , wright and speaking natural British English by you ,
    Thank You Very much!
    Arvind (61 days ago)
    Why do you not insert transcripts of podcast in same page that audio? This is very convenient. (67 days ago)
    that’s very nice, I’ll be very happy to contribute. I hope you add a bit about culture, specially British. (74 days ago)
    If you you want know what this podcast is all about from the point of view of Luke’s listener and huge fan, check out this – play it from minute 27:10 http://ramonis.podomatic.com/entry/2013-06-14T08_13_52-07_00 Zdenek Lukas (138 days ago)
    I live in Kalasin province,Thailand. I met some English men living in Kalasin. Most of them are senior persons.They usually come to the hotel where I frequently visit to take part in social meetings.I knew a young lady teacher who used to teach in a secondary school here in Kalasin. Right she left kalasin and we haven,t any news from her.The last time I heard about her was that she went to Khao Yai which is one of famous National Park on our way to Bangkok. That was what we know about her.Recently on my way to Bangkok my wife and I stayed at a hotel in Khaoyai. We met a couple and two children from Germany and also a group of tourists from England. We enjoyed drinking and sharing our experiences impressed on us when we lived in England. prasit khotchakhot (156 days ago)
    Your podcasts are very interesting. Thank’s a lot,Luke! Andrew Zakharko (224 days ago)
    I’m soooo happy that I just found you! I’ve been listening to many other podcasts, but yours are the BEST. I really love how you speak in natural speed British English, since most of English learning materials here in Tokyo are American, and like you mentioned, it’s often very patronising. So I’m really happy! Thank you very much! Also I really appreciate the complete transcripts. You are really great <3 Nanako Yoshida (279 days ago)
    oh…i saw the button (297 days ago)
    how can i download it? (297 days ago)
    Good idea Christina! Thanks everyone else for your comments and good luck with your English learning. Luke (329 days ago)
    Wow, now I have a really busy time ahead of me because I want to listen to all of your podcasts and read them also.
    For me it's good to read and to listen at the same time. And it's also very useful for me to memorize words and phrases which are not yet in my active vocabulary. I mean words I can understand but I can't use them when speaking.
    So, thanks Luke! Christa Bartels (329 days ago)
    We are a group of teenagers from Ceuta, Spain.We are in our private English class.To motivate us our teacher has put on your podcast.We think that you speak clearly so we could understand you easily. We even laughed. Kisses from Spain and Merry Christmas.xxxxx
    P.S we found you thanks to your number one fan Dmitry from the Ukraine (344 days ago)
    hi Luke, u can call me strawberry. i'm a student and trying to master english, speaking and listening mostly. i don't like study english at school much. you know, just gramma, structure,..boring things. i love praticing more so i find as much as website about english i could. and i have some really great. but mostly in American voice. so now i find your's. new challenge for me. hope you fun!!! (358 days ago)
    Enter your comment (358 days ago)
    hi. I start listening Luke's English podcast today. I hope that I will learn a lot of new things. I'm so sorry for my vocabulary mistake but I've just started learn English (365 days ago)
    Really a great job. all the best dude! Samer Nagy (372 days ago)
    hi Luke, great job! Only a question: why i can understand your speaking and i cannot understand other people speaking (for example people in London interwievs)?? (373 days ago)
    hi luke i m from PAKISTAN my name is ZOHAIB this is 1st time i listen u…. u r very good teacher kindly tell the how to speak english fluently thanks zohaib (378 days ago)
    This is very helpful for me and for people that wants to improve their english. I come from Italy, i may come in your school one day. giulia pieraccini (383 days ago)
    hi it is good idea. i'm from poland and i must to learn english quickly. i think that your's lessons help me. (384 days ago)
    hi Luke teacher,i'm doan and i come from vietnam.I'm learning english.I had just knew your podcast,i really interested in them.I think listen is skill very importand to understant native speaker.Thnak you so much.Have agreat day! doan lam (394 days ago)
    very nice i love it. (404 days ago)
    i like your podcast man!, i am from central america and i want to tell you that British English is very interesting for me, i appreciated your lessons! (407 days ago)
    This is a fantastic way to learning english. Thanks Luke! (419 days ago)
    hi luke
    i find your podcast to be very useful and interesting
    and i thank you for this excellent work of yours Jayakumar (432 days ago)
    Wow, listening to you has been great fun. I like the way you talk! Very interesting and fun! (440 days ago)
    Thanks alot and greetings from Russia! Alexey (441 days ago)
    Thank you a lot. this is amazing. ^^ Leandro (482 days ago)
    hi luke.. i lov ur podcasts.. i m learning english n i found this site very intresting n helpful.. great job. saarah khan (515 days ago)
    Great resource for EFL. Thanks a lot from your colleague in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. (521 days ago)
    thank you so much. pong ton (533 days ago)
    This is an awesome idea podcast, and I´m so interested in this because i want to practice more on this issue "listening", when I have listening exams on my language school I have so much problems with it.Very helpful Luke!!
    Thanks!! (550 days ago)
    I just found this podcast. I'm listening this first one and found it interesting! As you said, some others treat listeners as stupids or with an listening disorder. So, I will continue listen to. I think it will help me in my pronuntiation and fluently.
    Best wishes from Peru! (550 days ago)
    hi, Luke. Your accent is great ! It's easy to understand. I'm searching for an American or British accent on youtube and I met your video, interview ppl in London. I hope to speak like you. I mean accent like you BTW, I'm from Thailand. Nice to meet you(your video). And as you see my English is pretty bad. hope to improve it (554 days ago)
    Thanks a lot for materials which are just right for me because I need to push up my English listening skills.I am happy to have come across with your lessons on the Internet. I also hope that I will use these materials at my lessons at school. Irena Nenashkina (555 days ago)
    Really great! I like it! And you were right about the most podcasts. I recognize what I was listened lately
    Thanks for this sort of programm. I'll continue to listen to you! (558 days ago)
    you are great!!!! your site is great!!! it is what i have been looking for since I started to study english, I would like to improve my listening and this is the perfect place for that. I will review all you site, use all your material and I am sure it will help a lot….i will make a contribution to you by donating because and I am sure I will be very thankful and what you do is so useful, so helpful, thank you so much!!!! (562 days ago)
    great podcast Thank you (571 days ago)
    Yeah, I have time to read most messages but I don't have time to reply to everyone. Luke Thompson (611 days ago)
    Do you have time to read every body's message? (620 days ago)
    Thanks a lot. Your podcasts are so great! Greeting from Russia!
    P.S. I would like to hear about football, do you go to football matches, what is your favorite club etc… Viktor (621 days ago)
    luke sorry idont call u lukebut i call u magician …yes u are an english magician thank u……………by jv nath (636 days ago)
    I'm not a native English speaker and my language isn't so perfect yet. So, I'm pretty sure that your podcasts will help me improving my english. I'm so glad to know this website.
    Thanks a lot.
    -Leya Leya (643 days ago)
    This website is awesome!
    I'm really lucky to come across it
    I wish I could've met you here in Japan,Luke.
    Juli (699 days ago)
    Hi Luke, I am a secondary student from Hong Kong. I like your podcasts and they really educated me. Listening to your podcasts make me have more chance to hear english.Although my english is not good at all at this moment, i hope i can try my best to learn English from you. Many thanks, Stephanie ! Stephanie (794 days ago)
    brilliant!! (845 days ago)
    Hi! Congratulations. I think it's a very good podcast Begoña (1003 days ago)
    Hi, Luke!! I'm Hector, There are much podcast in this page, It's very good for me… Greetings from Venezuela. Hector Alegrett (1071 days ago)
    Hi, Luke!! I'm Hector, There are much podcast in this page, It's very good for me… Greetings from Venezuela. Hector Alegrett (1071 days ago)

  9. Hi Luke! It’s my first time here. You are very good teacher. You speak very clear, fast and natural. I was looking for podcast with transcription, but I just found rubbish (hahaha). Peace. Marcio from Brazil

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  11. Why do you not insert transcripts of podcast in same page that audio is? This is very convenient.

  12. Thank you Luck for this podcast. Nice to meet you. I am looking forward for great stories and funny matherials in next audio. Transcripts is very usefull for me now.

  13. Thank you for your professional method to learn English i will start with these lesson to improve my English.

  14. Hello Luke
    I’m Gabriele i’m 29 and i come from Italy
    A friend of mine told me about this podcast, and now i’m going to listen all of it
    I have to improve listening because in august i’m going to come to UK for 1 month.
    I hope this podcast will help me :)

  15. Hello Luke I’m Glen and I’m from Indonesia.In the end I found the good thing which I can learn a lot of lesson like listen,add my vocab and try to be speak like British.I was looking for long time in the Internet to find the best practice.so thank a lot of I’m gonna learn one by one which

  16. Hi, I’m Chiara from Italy and I NEED to improve my english because my boyfriend leave Italy to stay in Ireland. So I think this is a nice way to try to reduce the “distance” :) thank you!

  17. hi, i’m a vietnamese girl. I have difficuties when i learn English. I’ m ready interesting when i go yourwebsite. Thank u very much^.^

  18. c: Hi it’s Gerardo from Chile ;))) I’m 16 and Im very glad because i finally discovered a web site where I can practise my british english… I would really like to speak like you all do very i dont know its a bit beautiful accent *-* and what im doing is fist listen to the podcast and then i read allllllll the transcript to practise my reading skill as well c: thank you and I think this is a really good chance to we all ;) and about the question… i really think its a bit late to answer it but …. I will answer it anyway haha I would like you to talk about the test you do to get into a university and what’s the process and blah blah :( im not going to london until a work and save some money but I really would like to know the process ((((: thank you and bye bye bye ……

  19. Rafael Sanches

    Hi Luke. I’m from Brazil and I have just found your website/podcast. I really liked it. I have never been abroad and that’s one of my dreams. I’m really happy to find a real good podcast :)
    Keep the good work.

  20. Hello! Today is the first time that I’ve found your podcast. It seems very interesting and I hope to improve my English with them.

  21. Pastor.David Livingstone Illuri

    Dear Brother I say “greetings and blessing” to you and family in Christ’s name.

    I am a Pastor(from the town of Palakollu, Andhra Pradesh,South India) and I have a Bible College in which I teach students, Bible Lessons in English,but I love your English when I heard it on this podcast. Its wonderful about the Word “Patience” I like that all your proclamation and Explanation.

    Thanking you and I will be Thankful to God for People like you as I pray and remember you as long as I live in this World.

    Thanking you once again,
    Pastor.David Livingstone Illuri.


  22. hi , luke
    i wonder ,yah man……. later i find the one, which i was looking for long time.
    it is really magic , the luke magic………..keei it up.thank u………………..

  23. you are very cooperative teacher
    I would like you to describe a trip to London from A to Z
    how to reserve a ticket ?
    how and what to do at airport? ( make an interviews at Hethro airport )
    how to rent a car ?
    how to get into center of London from the airport ?
    Thank you very much

  24. Thank you very much !!
    your work help us really !! great job !!
    I hope that it improves really my english

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